4k Light leaks. A Free Download.

Light leaks is a dramatic film technique where the camera operator removes the lens and shoots their subject or scene while allowing light to pass through the sides of the lens direct to the sensor. It creates a dreamy style and can compliment any video edit.

We spent the last few months shooting light leaks with the lens cap on. Shooting this way enables you to create a light leak on black. It gives you more trial and error solutions because you edit the light leak on your footage in post using a transfer mode like screen, or add in a program like Adobe After Effects. If you are interested in learning more about this process, read our article on Applying Light Leaks to Your Project!

In this free download Light Leaks Volume 01 Pack we include 25 4k light leaks with various colors and styles for any project. We hope you enjoy!


Watch examples of the light leaks in action below.

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