We hope everyone has enjoyed the freebies so far. As promised, we aren’t done…

If you haven’t noticed yet, we just released our 4k Optical Effects Pack Vol 01. We’re excited to release this pack because it’s a great partner pack to our already popular, 4k Light Leaks pack. What’s the difference? Light Leaks is a technique where you remove the lens from the camera body, allowing light to leak onto the sensor, creating beautiful blooms of light that can be used to composite overtop your footage. Similar to the term ‘lens whacking’, except your lens cap stays on to capture the light leaking instead. (Here’s a post about it) Our new pack, called 4k Optical Effects, is a different technique where we focus more on optical flares and optical distortions. We wanted to capture all these elements naturally, in-camera, by shooting directly at a light source… or through a source.

‘Poor man’s’ key light

The first group of clips in this pack are natural lens flares. Different flashlights of different power outputs were either handheld or mounted to a c-stand, pointed directly at the camera with different lenses. Yes, it does scream professional, doesn’t it? The second group of clips in this pack were created by shooting through different glass elements. We used a glass ashtray, a votive candle holder, a glass vase, a beaker… even an acrylic paper-weight souvenir! Essentially, you can use anything. It’s all about having fun and trying out different ideas to develop unique and custom looks.

Lens refraction time!



This new pack should be a great addition to your toolkit. We tried to add as many different optical distortions and flares to this pack that we can see ourselves using on our own projects.  You can experiment with stacking different elements together, and along with our 4k Light Leak pack, create looks that are one of a kind. And like the title says, it’s all in 4k resolution! If your final output is HD, adjusting the size and rotation of the Optical Effects is another bonus for creating custom looks.

How NOT to improve a Zeis Milvus

We’re always looking for some feedback and fresh new ideas for future products,so if you enjoy using our freebies, please let us know your thoughts! We enjoy giving back to the community, so don’t forget to bookmark us and check-in from time to time.  (Did I just sound like my worried mom?)

BTW, if you send us what you’ve done with our freebies, we’d love to showcase your work! Send your links to support@rpstock.net subject ‘Check me out!’

Tony D

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