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Looking for his car face of Tony DeCaires

First, we want to thank you for visiting our website. RP Stock is a passion project for us. Well, exactly who is “us”?

Let’s start at the beginning…Dinosaurs roamed the earth and RP Stock consists of two guys, Dave Dever and Tony DeCaires, dudes who enjoy creating visuals for broadcast and web use. We both have a combined experience of 35+ years in television and cable broadcasting. From directing local newscasts to creating motion graphic animation pieces for top-ranked Universities around the United States, we both have a variety of experiences with many aspects of visual creativity.

In 2009 we decided to join forces to combat evil. Actually, the evil never came, so we directed our energy towards another heroic venture….Commercial Advertising.

After working for a few companies in the industry, in 2009, we decided it was best to start our own small production company, Revel Pix. You can check out samples of our work here. It’s been a blast working with amazing clients, creating effective advertising campaigns for their businesses or products.

In 2013, we decided to start a side effort to create images for stock photo agency companies. It became a nice way to supplement some income and have fun creating new imagery outside the realm of specific client projects. After a while, sales started to pick up. This was our first image to ever sell:

First Image Sold on Stock Agency

From that point on we caught the stock creativity bug. We moved onto creating stock footage and branching out into more agencies. But eventually we wanted to offer more to the creative community, and that is what led us to create RP Stock!

We know how important stock footage is to certain projects, but sometimes the cost of purchasing the right footage can add up, exceeding client budgets. We often saw people purchase similar clips from the same theme in our collection. This led us to the idea behind RP Stock…. Themed Footage Packs for a lower price point. You can purchase a pack of 10 HD Clips geared towards specific themes like Modern Homes, Yard Work, Road Construction and many more.

We also wanted to have the opportunity to give back to the creative community by offering a growing collection of free footage and packs. We understand how it is to find resources for projects at that perfect price: free. Often we scrape the internet for creative free resources for our client projects because of budgets, and now we want to even the karma out and pay it forward with some of our very own clips and packs.

We have big plans for this growing website resource, RP Stock. We are constantly getting the question about outside contributors. Eventually, we would love to open it up to contributors with generous royalty percentages, but at this point, we are closed for contributor uploads. Help us grow by sharing links to our free downloads and great pricing structure. Did we mention if you add 3 clips to your cart, you get 1 free!

So to sum it up, RP Stock is two guys who shoot, create, and animate. We hope you enjoy the website and find footage for your projects at an affordable price.

Dave and Tony

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