We have officially launched our stock footage marketplace, RP Stock. This website is a resource for making our popular royalty-free stock footage library available to a new audience of production houses, video editors, agencies and web media content creators. The staff here at RP Stock understands this process all too well, we are editors and content creators ourselves. Working on local and national campaigns, it becomes a challenge to find quality stock footage at affordable rates. RP Stock is different. We offer themed packs of stock footage at incredible savings. Many times when editing a project, you need a variety of stock, and the costs can add up quickly.

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At RP Stock, the more you buy, the more you save. Whether it’s through purchasing one of our curated themed packs or picking a la carte, the discounts (keep reading for a new customer discount code) and savings keep coming!

Time-lapse Clouds Pack- 10 HD Clips for only $25

Our stock footage library is always growing and shooting quality stock footage is our passion. Our plan is to keep things fresh at the site. New uploads, more discounts, free downloads and so much more. Stay connected to our stock marketplace evolution by subscribing to our newsletter at the bottom of this post.

As editors ourselves, we sift through the internet to find free content to use for projects. Budgets are tough to keep without free content and downloads. At RP Stock we created a Free Footage area on our site which will be our way of giving back to the creative community. Creative content and overlays to use in all of your projects. Please help us to spread the news about our free content downloads. We love to see where our stock footage is used. Share your final video link with us to be featured here on our site.

Price comparison chart with other great stock footage companies:

Stock Footage

10-HD clips

Single HD Clip Price

Credit System (expire 1 year)



RP Pack 10-HD Clips






10-HD Clips



Adobe Stock


10-HD Clips





10-HD Clips



*Price values are estimates based on each stock website’s pricing info and credit systems. Prices may change

We love these stock companies and continue to use them for our own editing projects because of the extensive libraries and talented filmmakers.

RPStock.net is a small drop in the ocean of the stock footage industry, but we hope to provide our customers with top-notch high-quality stock footage at an easy-to-navigate website. No Hassle, no credits, no multiple license options. Start browsing our library and simply purchase the footage and use it to create a fantastic end result! Let us know if you have any suggestions, questions or comments about RP Stock.

Launch Discount: For the month of January 2018, Save 20% off the entire store using code: RPSTOCKISHERE20 at checkout

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