Hi everyone!  We’re excited to announce our newest freebie pack, available for download now.  It’s our HDRI Studio Pack, Vol 1!  The download includes 30 HDR images, that you can use for image-based lighting and reflections inside your favorite 3D application.  We use Cinema 4d, but that shouldn’t stop you from using it in anything else that accepts 32-bit rad files.

Check out the product demo above for a quick walk-through of the download and how to set up a quick scene in Cinema 4d.  We hope you guys enjoy these and we can’t wait to develop more for you soon!  Of course, your feedback helps and is welcome!  Let us know what you’d like to see next.

As photographers, shooters, editors, and animators ourselves… we know the struggle of finding the tools for making our jobs easier.  We’re happy to be a resource that can be considered your ‘tool-kit‘ for your everyday work.

Till the next time, Tony D-

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